FRI FEB 22 2019
With a wealth of experience we offer a unique service for Manufacturers, importers and wholesalers alike.
Our professional colleagues have run multi million pound businesses across many market sectors covering both product and service based organisations.
A real benefit of using our services is our customer service ethos and our relationship with multi national organisations. This enables us to act as your local sales and marketing organisation.
Our sales colleagues have great relationships through many product and service organisations where we have operational accounts with most of the major UK and EMEA buyers. As well as having road warriors for smaller clients, we have a focussed account management team and a UK based customer service centre where we offer outstanding telesales services.
We have a purpose built distribution centre based in Kent close to the Chunnel, so we deliver goods throughout the UK and wider EMEA territories using our partners and shippers throughout the territories. Whether you need a parcel delivering to a residence or a container to a warehouse we can handle all demands.
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